"creative technolgy student"


"my portfolio is not that broad yet, but as the study improves so will my portfolio"

♦ interactive video ♦

  • WHO?? Paul, Joey, Fay, Bart
  • WHERE?? campus university Twente
  • WHEN?? from september 2016
  • WHY?? to gain skills
The project assignment of this module is to make a interactive video with your group. It is a fun project, but it is going to be a lot of work. We started with sketching the storyboard(see the lower picture). The video will be about a character named "Bob". "Bob" is sad and we want the audience to make "Bob" happy again based on happiness researches (as in the color yellow has been proved to make people happier then the color blue). After a lot of filming and editing, our final result is here! ☆CLICK HERE☆

interactive video

♦ progressing ♦

  • WHERE?? university Twente
  • WHEN?? september 2016
  • WHY?? programming assignment
For the course progressing we now started to work with the program processing. It is a lot of coding and trying out diffrent things until it works the way you want it to work. The first assignment is to make a creature which can do some funny stuff. We can make whatever we like as broad as our imagnition and or coding skills. I am making a tripy smiley, his eyes are making circle and if you click the mouse his expression will be startled. You will see my creature in the lower picture. Unfortunatly it is just a picture here, but it still looks funny (in my opinion)!!