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post from: 17-10-2017

Peer review:

For the web technology assignment of this week, we had to do a peer review. The website I was assigned to review, was the showcase portfolio of Jan-Paul Konijn.

The website overall looks really good, it's clear and very well structured. From the first page already it looks very inviting to explore further.

There is enough content in his portfolio (including a video), enough contact info links (email, phone number, facebook link and google maps location) and navigation works well. The entire site is made with html, which is quite impressive if you see how the layout is structured and how the site still works well if you change your screensize; the navigation bar changes completely to fit smaller screens. On the homepage you can see in the code he used bootstrap...continue reading

post from: 10-11-2017

End Exhibition:

This week was officially the last week of the first module, module We Create Identity. Our final assignment was to create an interactive video using the platform Ximpel.
Yesterday, the 9th of November, was the end exhibiton during which the videos of all groups could be (interactively) watched. Every group had a printed out (thanks to the organisation!) film poster and a film summary and a monitor to show their work.

It was nice to see videos of other groups and the exhibition was very well organised (by Michelle and Stijn) and therefore there was enough time to watch many videos and vote for the ones you liked best.

Together with Niels, Raoul, Marjolein and Hester I made an interactive film called "Murder in the woods". On my... continue reading