My First Creature

Added: 03-10-2017

Programming with Processing. The first week we started with the assignment of creating a creature that we would continue to develop in the coming weeks, and I chose to create a ladybug. Now, in week 5, there are obviously way more requirements for the creature and the code itself.
We have had to familiarize with the syntax of programming and had to eliminate the fixed position to make our creature move, add interaction, use variables, classes, loops, arrays, and so on.

My ladybug turned into 20 ladybugs (as part of the assignment) that bounce around randomly with each a random speed that changes when the edge of the screen is touched. The bugs start moving around on grass, but when you press the mouse the background turns into a bright sky where they actually fly around. Click again, and it changes back. Press any key, and you make the ladybugs come back to the middle of the screen where they stand still for as long as you hold the key pressed.