Robin Broekman


About me

Hello there, my name is Robin. I have always wanted to be an inventor, ever since I was a little kid. Back then, i was told that that wasn't a real job, which is mostly correct. However, I think that I have found a study which gets pretty close.
After studying a year of Electrical Engineering I realized that theorethical math and sitting all day doing calculations isn't cut out for me. Which is where the study 'Creative Technology' comes into frame. This is a study which takes the best parts from Industrial Design, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, and puts it together in one study. Naturally, my study doesn't go as deep into specific subjects as each of the other studies respectively. But it does give one a much broader view on technology. One does not learn the specifics and calculations of the subjects, but rather how to work with them and to combine these fields into a potential product. Therefore, one will know the limits of current technologies, the cost and time to implement them and also the viability of said product in the current market. In short, all the tools needed to Create.
The study is still rather technical and is conducted at the University of Twente. Instead of only doing exams, we are tested through building projects almost independently. This starts by analyzing a problem, imagining a solution for said problem, making a plan to realise said solution and building the actual product. This ensures that anyone who graduates from this study has had his share of work experience and can think in a practical way. These projects can all be found in my portfolio down below, hopefully you find them to be as interesting as I do.


Through the years one encounters quite an amount of problems which ought to be solved. In order to do this one devolops a skillset to solve this problems and applies them to new challenges to solve them quicker. Having done a year of Electrical Engineering, some work on the side and the the CreaTe programme, I have developed quite some skills which I can apply:

    Acedemic skills
  • Basic knowledge in: C, C++, C#, Java and HTML/CSS
  • In depth understanding of Circuit analysis and Electronics
  • Adept in English and Dutch (reading, writing and speaking)
    Life skills
  • AB+B driving license
  • Social personality
  • Flexible and creative mindset
  • Comfortable with a multicultural environment
  • Accustomed to project-based work