About this site

This site offers students of Industrial Design and Creative Technology to host a portfolio website.

Why do we encourage students to maintain a portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of student's work to show his/her personal development. It is a living document that requires constant updates.

The contents of a portfolio can consist of:

The portfolio can have many purposes. With a portfolio, as required for the bachelor assignment, the student presents his/her work to the public, to potential clients, and provides more insight in skills. If the student presents study results from the start throughout his/her study, then this can also be used as a useful tool for self-reflection.

Creating a portfolio is a creative process. It is therefore important that the design of the portfolio itself also reflects this creativity. Carefully consider:

A portfolio can be made both digital and on paper. It should be considered that an online portfolio is visible for the world. Throughout the curriculum students will get familiar with skills necessary to design and implement a portfolio.