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Creative Technology Student
I am Julian Elsten!

I am Julian Elsten!

Creative Technology Student @UTwente

I am a nineteen-year-old Creative Technology student at the University of Twente.

I live in Geesteren, a small town in Twente. In Geesteren I have started my own IT company where I help companies with their computer problems.

I am looking forward to widen my knowledge in Creative Tecnology and come up with ideas which are helpful for everybody!

On this website I will keep you posted on my projects and adventures as a Create Student.

Latest Blogposts

In my blog I will keep you posted of my adventures and projects I am involved in as CreaTe Student.

End Exhibition

I am at the end of the first module of Creative Technology, We Create Identity. Ofcourse we had to...

Peer Review of a website!

I reviewed the website of:  Pawirotaroeno Rezfan. Review Summary: Design: The design is straight away really tech because of all...

Personal touch to the design!

Some might have noticed that there are some changes to the design of this website! I started of with...


Over here you can find my previous and current projects and keep track, enjoy!

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