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Creative Technology Student
I am Julian Elsten!

I am Julian Elsten!

Creative Technology Student @UTwente

I am a nineteen-year-old Creative Technology student at the University of Twente.

I live in Geesteren, a small town in Twente. In Geesteren I have started my own IT company where I help companies with their computer problems.

I am looking forward to widen my knowledge in Creative Tecnology and come up with ideas which are helpful for everybody!

On this website I will keep you posted on my projects and adventures as a Create Student.

Latest Blogposts

In my blog I will keep you posted of my adventures and projects I am involved in as CreaTe Student.

Progress Update 1.0!

We are now in the fourth week of Creative Technology! A small impression of my progress on the different...

My Portfolio is now live!

My Portfolio is nog live on my website as well! Check out one of my first projects over here!

My Web-Design!

My Website Layout – I decided to to for a modern one-page design. This makes the site easier for...


Over here you can find my previous and current projects and keep track, enjoy!

Looking for my company Julian Elsten IT?

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