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Wooden Cutting Boards Wooden Cutting Boards
Wooden Cutting Boards

made from November 2017 till January 2018

This is the project I made with my group for this module. We made a smart bread shelf. It measures the weight put on it. At the moment, a lot of bread is throw away, simply because it isn't sold. With this smart shelf, you get a price calculated at that time. When it is later in the day and there is still a lot of bread left, the price will go down, in order to try and sell more bread. Currently the baker at a super market needs to go past all his products to put 35% sale stickers on them. With this product that is calculated automatically.

I really enjoyed making this project. We started of my many brainstorming sessions where many ideas where proposed, at the end we narrowed down and at the next meeting be did some more brainstorming and so on. It was really great to see the different colored hats (explained to us by Dennis Reidsma in the first module) in action.

After many hours of brainstorming, we divided roles among us and tried planning what we needed to be finished when. After this, it went quite smooth. Every one did their part and it went okay. Till the last two weeks before the Demo market, when suddenly it seemed to take a lot more time than expected. That was quite stressful. Even at the last day, even the last hours before, some small things malfunctioned. Fortunately, it all worked out in the end and the demo market seemed to be a success.